Allstar Prep Cheerleading

  • Allstar Prep Teams are designated for athletes with little to no experience with cheer

  • Seeking a more competitive way to perform

  • Less travel (In state competitions only)

  • Less financial commitment than Elite Cheerleading

  • Focused on gaining technique and confidence

  • Training sessions are twice a week and for two hours each session

  • Attend 4-5 in state competitions (more local competitions)

  • Prep Competitions are 1 day competitions

Elite Cheerleading

  • Designed to push athletes to their highest level

  • High level of commitment

  • May travel out of state

  • Attends 7-9 competitions with a major end of the year competition

  • Training sessions are twice a week, two hours each session, but will have additional practices in preparation for competitions

  • Competitions are generally 2 day competitions