About Us

The Stingray Allstars Brand has developed more athletes since 2002 than almost every cheer program in the world! Our tremendous growth is fueled by doing things the right way, The Stingray Way. Each gym is a family, we focus on the connection between the Staff, the Athletes, and their Families.

At The Stingray All Stars we believe in character development. While most gyms focus only on the sport, Stingray focuses on developing incredible people who are driven, dedicated, and focused. Our athletes are taught from an early age the importance of discipline and how to manage goals to stay on track towards their success.  

Since 2002, we have witnessed change within the Cheer Industry and experienced tremendous growth. No matter the size of the program this place still feels like “home” to so many of our staff, athletes, and their families. Our focus has and will always be, the personal and skill progression of each athlete. Our incredible process is known for providing a Safe, Fun, Cheer Experience! The result is a massive family like no other with 1,000’s of National Championships!

We are proud of our “One of a Kind” program and gRAYtful to have the opportunity to touch the lives of the many talented athletes all over the US and now also through our Fort Lauderdale, Florida location.